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VitroOil TP

Throughport Oil Burner

Designed to be inserted into the port neck of a regenerative glass furnace, these burners are fitted to the Global Combustion Systems retraction mechanism, which is used to withdraw the burner from the port when not firing. The use of throughport burners with the retraction mechanism provides stable combustion conditions, essential for glass quality. For short operating periods, it is possible to use these burners with a simple fixed mounting bracket.

These burners are fitted with conical flame nozzles. There can be one, two or three burners installed on each port, or a single burner with a twin nozzle fitted. A purge valve is used with each burner to remove oil from the nozzle after firing.

The retraction mechanism operates with a pneumatic cylinder, and ensures perfect alignment without the need for adjustment during operation. Angle, horizontal and vertical adjustments are available with this mechanism.

Global Combustion Systems can also provide auxiliary equipment including a complete fuel oil control system, with full supervision and commissioning services.


Nozzle Range : Upto 1OOOl/h
Oil Viscosity : < 30 cST Oil Pressure : 2.8 Bar g. Atomising Air Pressure : 2.8 Bar g. Atomising Air Quantity : 0.3 rn3(n)/L Cooling water flow : 70 l/min Retraction Air Supply : 3 Bar g.


  • Reduced Batch Carryover
  • Reduced Burner Cleaning
  • High Glass Quality
  • Low Atomising Medium
  • Consumption
  • Optimised Combustion