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Throughport Gas Burner

These water cooled burners are designed to be inserted into the port neck of a regenerative glass furnace. The burners are fitted to the Global Combustion Systems retraction mechanism, which is used to withdraw the burner from the port when not firing.  The use of throughport burners with the retraction mechanism provides stable reproducible combustion conditions, essential for high glass quality.

These burners are fitted with two multi-holed nozzles angled to converge with each other creating a fan shaped flame.  This flame configuration requires only one burner to be installed on each port.  The flame vertical position can be easily adjusted, ensuring that combustion is taking place in the optimum position within the furnace.  This burner is interchangeable with Global Combustion’s Throughport Oil Burner (VitroOIL-TP).

The retraction mechanism operates pneumatically, and is designed for a long low maintenance life and ensures perfect alignment without the need for adjustment during operation. Vertical angle, horizontal and vertical position adjustments are incorporated into the mechanism.

Global Combustion Systems can also provide auxiliary equipment including a complete natural control system, with full supervision and commissioning services.


Maximum Burner Capacity : 1,200 Nm3/h (45,000 scfh)
Gas Pressure: 250 mBar ( 3.7 psig)
Flame horizontal Angle : 40 to 90 deg (nozzle dependant)
Cooling water flow : 110 l/min ( 24 gpm)
Water Condition :  <30 ppm Hardness <1 ppm dissolved O2 Retraction Air Supply pressure : 3 Barg. (45 psig) Displacement / stroke    :  3.8 dm3 (0.138 ft3)


  • Reduced Batch Carryover
  • Reduced Burner Cleaning
  • High Luminosity
  • Good Flame Coverage
  • High Glass Quality
  • Optimised Consistent Combustion