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Low NOx Side of Port Gas Burner

VitroGLO-SP is a NEW generation of Low NOx gas burners for Side of Port neck application to a Regenerative Glass Melting Furnace.  It is designed to operate at low gas pressures, and provide a highly luminous adjustable flame.  The flame length is adjustable ( up to 30%) by means of proportioning the velocities of the two concentric gas jets. This is controlled within the burner by adjusting a calibrated dial on the back of the burner.

In Side-of-Port firing applications, a high degree of flame coverage can be achieved, which with the high luminosity maximises heat transfer to the glass, minimises NOx emissions.  The system incorporates a water cooled burner sealing system to eliminate tertiary air and which also provides burner cooling to increase nozzle operational life.

The support bracket provides simple adjustment, accurate burner location, and quick and safe burner removal.  The Side-of-Port burner can be supplied without the burner bracket for retrofitting to existing burner installations.

Global Combustion Systems can also provide auxiliary equipment including a full gas control system, with full supervision and commissioning services.


Gas Range: Up to 800 m3(n)/h
(to 30000 scfh)
Gas Pressure:    200—500 mBarg
(2.9 to 7.25     p.s.i.g.)
Nozzle Sizes: 20—65 mm
Gas Connections: 75mm (3”)
Flame Length:    Upto 14m (46 ft) (Depending on Nozzle  Size combination)
Burner Support Bracket
Vertical Angle Adjustment: +/- 5 degrees
Horizontal angle adjustment: +/- 5 degrees
Sealing Ring/Insert
Medium: Water
Pressure loss:    1 Barg (15 psi)
Flow:    5 l/min (1gpm)


  • Low NOx Levels
  • High Luminosity
  • Predicable Characteristics
  • Reproducible Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adjustable Flame Length
  • Rapid & safe burner changing