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Hot Air Burner

The VitroGLO-RP is a hot air burner designed for use on recuperative glass melting furnaces and similar furnaces.  The burner consists of a steel casing lined with a hot face insulating refractory rated for 1200oC.  A fuel injector is inserted concentrically with the casing to produce a conical flame. The design of the interior ensures even air distribution around the fuel jet to provide efficient mixing and minimising excess air.

For gas firing a dual impulse gas injector is used allowing accurate adjustment of the flame length and luminosity in order to maximise heat transfer and minimise NOx formation.

An interchangeable oil injector using air atomisation is available for oil firing using all grades of oil.  The mounting of the injector is such that they may be changed or replaced quickly and without adjustment.

Global Combustion Systems can also provide auxiliary equipment including a complete gas and fuel oil control systems, with full supervision and commissioning services.


Capacity Range: 2 to 15 GJ/h (0.6 to 4.2MW)(2 to 15 MBTU/hr)
Maximum Air temperature: 1000 oC (1800oF)
Air Pressure: 10 mbar at 750oC (1400oF) and rated capacity
Gas pressure: 500 mbar (7 psi)
Oil Pressure: 0.6 barg  (9psi)
Atomising air pressure: 3 barg (45 psi)
Atomising air quantity: 0.2 m3(n)/litre oil (0.56scfm/gph)
Injector sleeve cooling air required on burners using air above 700oC (1300oF)
Injector sleeve cooling air: 10m3/h (6scm) burners 2 to 6GJ/h
15m3/h (9scfm) on 8 to 15 GJ/h
Injector sleeve cooling air pressure: 25 mbar (10 inWG)


  • Internally insulated casing
  • High air temperatures possible
  • Dual impulse gas injector
  • Low NOx
  • High efficiency
  • Simple maintenance