Global Combustion

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The atomiser which is installed on an Underport Oil Burner, comprises a choke (1) , jet (2), seal (3) and a jet cap (4).  Fuel is fed under pressure through the fuel tube bore.  The atomising medium is fed under pressure through the air tube bore and around the atomiser jet [2], through the choke [1], where it mixes with the fuel which it atomises to a fine spray.  The spray passes out through the choke [1].  The atomising medium is directed round the choke [1] in the above described manner in order to keep the atomiser cool and thereby increase its useful life.


Oil Pressure @ max  flow: 0.6 Bar g.
Oil Viscosity: < 30 cST Atomising Air Pressure:    3.0 Bar g. Atomising Air consumption: 0.2 m3(n)/l oil