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NOx Reduction AI System

Auxiliary Injection System for NOx Reduction

This NOx Reduction AI System is a patented and licensed combustion technique, that can be applied to conventional end and cross fired regenerative glass furnaces.

The auxiliary combustion firing technique, is combined with the conventional furnace firing system is capable of reducing the primary NOx on these furnaces to around 500 mg/m3 @ 8% O2, while at the same time maintaining low CO levels above the regenerator checker pack. All without loss of production, glass quality, efficiency or damage to the furnace.

The location and operating conditions for this system are critical, and must be optimised with the conventional firing conditions.  Modelling of the furnace, both as Computerised Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and physical modelling are both used to determine these factors for any particular furnace.

The Process can be applied to existing furnaces while operating and with, at the most, only minor alterations.

As part of any installation, Global Combustion Systems can supply the necessary control equipment to integrate this NOx reduction package to your existing furnace system. For further details contact Global Combustion Systems.


  • Ultra Low NOx Levels
  • Installation on the run