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GCNM Burner

Nozzle Mix Gas Burner

The Global Combustion Nozzle Mix Burner, GCNM, produces a medium velocity stream of combustion products which generate a high degree of turbulence and entrainment in the furnace.  The flame has low luminosity and is ideal for ensuring even temperature distribution in the furnace.

The burner is able to fire most high calorific value gases.  The fuel lance is interchangeable with a fuel oil lance allowing diesel fuel to be used.  The burner can operate with high levels of excess air or with excess gas and may use preheated air.

The burner will not be damaged by exposure to furnace temperatures of up to 1450oC, provided a positive air pressure is maintained in the burner relative to the furnace.  The burner can be fitted with an ignition burner and UV flame detector.  A 1600C grade refractory burner block is supplied as standard, other materials are optional.

Global Combustion Systems can also provide auxiliary equipment including a full Fuel control system, with full supervision and commissioning services.


Capacity Range: 1 to 10 GJ/h.(1 to 10 MBTU)
Fuel Gases: Natural Gas, Town Gas Butane/Propane, CokeOven Gas.
Gas Supply Pressure: 5 mBarg (2 ins WG) (Maximum)
Air Supply Pressure: 50 mBarg (20 insWG) at maximum capacity, and 10% xcess air at 15 oC
Turndown: Greater than 15:1
Maximum Excess Gas : 50%
Maximum Excess Air : 500%
Burner Block Rating:1600 oC (2900 oF)


  • Small Melting Furnaces
  • Glass Furnace Working Ends and Distributors
  • Metal Heating Furnaces
  • Air Heaters
  • Preheaters