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Fuel Oil Extractor Valve

The Global Combustion Fuel Oil Extractor Valve is designed to be the primary shut-off and reversal valve for each burner on a furnace, and is controlled by the furnace reversal system.  Pneumatically actuated, oil is removed from the burner at the fuel-off signal, and stored in the valve during the non-firing period.  When fuel is required, the stored oil is pushed back towards the burner, the valve then opens to supply the controlled supply to the burner.

The removal of oil from the nozzle at reversal and the non-firing period, greatly reduces carbon formation and thus the frequency of burner cleaning.


Maximum Oil Temperature: 150oC
Actuation Air Pressure: 3.0 Barg.
Extraction Volume: 147 cm3
Distance from burner: 25m Max. (pipe length).

The key advantages are:

  • Immediate Oil Shut-off.
  • Relighting without surge.
  • Eliminates after-burning.
  • Reduces Oil loss.
  • Clear indication of valve position.
  • Open & Close Limit switches easily fitted.
  • Simple Maintenance.
  • Suitable for most Fuel Oils.