Global Combustion

We design and supply gas, oxygen and fuel oil fired systems for Glass Steel and other Industrial processes

  • Underport (Gas & Oil)
  • Throughport (Gas & Oil)
  • Side of Port (Gas)
  • Hot Air (Gas & Oil)
  • Oxygen (Gas & Oil)

Global Combustion Systems

Global Combustion Systems are a specialist combustion company, who design and supply gas, oxygen and fuel oil fired systems for Glass, Steel and other industrial processes. Each system is engineered for the specific requirements which meet the customer’s production, quality and efficiency requirements, and the increasing environmental demand.

In the glass melting process worldwide, these systems are applied to regenerative, recuperative and oxygen fired furnaces.

In Steel, the main focus is in Reheat furnaces.

For other industrial processes, Global Combustion Systems provide a bespoke waste incineration systems designed to dispose efficiently waste liquids and gases for that specific application.

Support Bases

Global Combustion Systems have two support bases. The main office is in the UK, where the products and systems are designed and manufactured.

Technical Office

We have a satellite technical office in Shanghai, China, to assist customers in the Asian area with local sales, project and site services.

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